Cheyenne and Deena

Mentoring and Individual Training focuses upon meeting the grave challenges of these times: Climate dissolution, Extinction, and Social and Political Chaos and Collapse. We are called to radically change our minds and the ways we think and live so that Life, all Life, survives and thrives.

Mentoring is both a formless form and a container, cauldron or crucible for individual work focusing on recognizing and developing one’s gifts, aligning with Spirit’s call and the soul’s mandate. It is rigorous and demanding work asking us to to identify the individual path mandated to read the signs, honor the visions given and meet the responsibilities which accrue from them. Mentoring guides us to commit to the work we are given to do and seek the appropriate training.

There is no program except that which is created between the Mentor and Mentee but it does call each Mentee to imagine and commit to soul exploration and whatever course of study, activities, projects may develop from this. It can include assistance and guidance with manuscripts and other creative projects. Mentoring implies the exploration of new forms and also hands on training and supervision in creativity, healing, peacebuilding, community building and /or alliance with non-human beings and the restoration of the earth.

Mentoring is particularly appropriate for those working the 19 Ways so that they can integrate their training in real ways. Also for physicians and health professionals interested in applying the principles of ReVisioning Medicine to their medical and mental health practices. Similarly for writers interested in including ethical responsibility and the principles of the Literature of Restoration in their writing. Mentoring calls each of us to step onto the paths of meeting these times through becoming healers and peacebuilders in the broadest and most committed sense.

Two or three person mentoring sessions are possible.

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To discuss the possibility of mentoring please contact Deena Metzger at 310 455 1089 or email