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“To be a poet is a way of being in the world. It is a way of seeing and of attending the reality which otherwise disappears behind the proverbial curtain. When I am fortunate enough to be one with my poet self, it is like living in the Sabbath when, we are told, we are given a second soul. The act of living as a poet is primary, the writing is secondary, that is, part of, but not the entirety, of the poetic process. I am drawn to write the poem, now as much as ever, if not more so, as a way of making the invisible world, the most real world, manifest. If that world were to disappear, then everything I value, love and understand would go with it.”   – Deena Metzger, West Word 2, Winter/Spring 1990.








  • Landscape of Soul & Story, 12 Writers Journey to Ireland in 2012 by Holly Metz. With poems, photographs and a Foreword by Deena Metzger, re-imagines the Shaman Bard. “Let me tell you some stories. In Ireland, that would be the voice of the Shaman Bard. We don’t know if it is the shaman speaking as a poet storyteller or the poet is speaking as a shaman (healer, visionary diviner, historian, myth-teller, peacemaker); they are entirely intertwined and it has been so for thousands of years and was so when I was there this month…”
  • Sisters Singing: Blessings, Prayers, Art, Songs, Poetry and Sacred Stories by Women. Edited by Carolyn Brigit Flynn, Foreword with poems by Deena Metzger. Click here to purchase.
  • Consciousness In Action: The Power Of Beauty, Love And Courage In … – Google Books – Andrew Beath – 2005 – Philosophy
  • Tanzania Safari: Future Guardians of Peace, with an original essay Alliance in the Selous by Deena Metzger
    In Liberia, where the ngo everyday gandhis works with former child soldiers, ex combatants and other war-affected people, the elephant is considered an avatar of peace. In the last year, as part of her work as senior advisor to the peacebuilding organization, Deena Metzger accompanied a group of these young ex-combatants on a photo safari into Tanzania so they could see the wild in its own place and on its own terms, the wild destroyed by civil war in their own country. The elephants came and the trip into the Selous was a journey in healing fear; a journey told in their own words and pictures and with her original essay “Alliance in the Selous” in the book TANZANIA SAFARI: FUTURE GUARDIANS OF PEACE published this year by everyday gandhis.
    This exquisite photography book documents a part of the transformation of former child soldiers and war-affected youth into peacemakers who call themselves Future Guardians of Peace. Their journey unfolds as they forge deep connections with the natural world on safari and face fears and find ways of peacemaking in soccer games in a Masaai village. Every photo was taken by these Future Guardians of Peace, who have learned to see anew through the lens of cameras and their healing journey.
    Tanzania Safari: Future Guardians of Peace is now available from everyday gandhis, 805-966-9300.
  • The Well of Creativity edited by Michael Toms
    New Dimensions radio-host Michael Toms explores the subject of creativity with six specialists: Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way), Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones), Deena Metzger (Writing for Your Life), composer-musician Keith Jarrett, author Isabel Allende, and psychologist Mihály Csikszentmihályi.
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