Reconnection: Stalking The Life Force

A Literature of Restoration Writing Workshop with Deena Metzger 



When the life force and the natural world are at the center, we and our writing are revitalized. A weekend of exploration, discovery and revitalization through writing, storytelling, dream-telling, creative companionship, and more writing.

Despite, or in defiance of, the pervading atmosphere of violence, war and artificial intelligence, we will seek to align with the intrinsic energies of Earth, the beings of the natural world, the ancestors and spirits.  Such vitality is the gift and the antidote for this time.


Schedule, Fees, Contact Info…

Friday, March 17 – 6:30 PM PT – 9:00 PM PT

Saturday, March 18 – 9:30 AM PT – 9:00 PM PT

Sunday, March 19 – 9:30 AM PT – 6:30 PM PT

(Number of participants limited)

The fee for the Workshop is based on a sliding scale for tuition.  A deposit reserves a space once the application process is completed. Payment plans are possible under special conditions. A deposit reserves a space once the application process is completed.

To register, please email Jude Weber:


To familiarize yourself with Deena’s work and concerns, select from the pieces posted on her website and her most recent writing: the long awaited novel, La Vieja: A Journal of Fire, and A Rain of Night Birds on climate change and Restoration. The issue of borders, boundaries and hybrids is at the core of her award winning novel, La Negra y Blanca, as well as The Other Hand and Feral.