The No Enemy Way and the Pathless Path

Never in history has there been such a critical need for personal and planetary transformation in order to restore and protect the wild and secure a viable future for all beings.

The forms through which learning, healing, mentoring and transformation take place are as essential as the content. They are increasingly dependent on living by one’s word and covenant, lived and practiced alliances with spirit, the primacy of soul work, the exacting practice of opening the heart, and one’s faithful and primary commitment to all beings, including those of the future. We will scrutinize our lives and ways of life to allow what must fall away, what must transform, what must begin. Together in conversation and in solitude we will listen to spirit, read the sings, wrestle with the ethical dilemmas to follow the rigorous paths that open when we yield to the call and mandate of these times.

In the next years, the focus will  be on the following:

The No Enemy Way : All My Relations
Living from the heart. Acting on behalf of all our relations. How will we live when we recognize that all beings and the elementals are our most precious relations on whose behalf we are called to devote our lives? How shall we chelate the toxic elements of conflict, adversity, fear, defensiveness, weaponry, battle, distrust, aggressiveness and war that we have all internalized and that, while often symptomless, are systemic.


The Pathless Path
The relationship between our lives and spirit’s call is a pathless path. We have to learn to listen, to read the signs and to learn and respect the indigenous ways that have been maps for eons. We are called and so we yield to the call and to the mandate to serve all beings and the earth.

I no longer can work in the conventional ways. I am looking for the new ways that suit the earth and the hearts and minds of the village. Forms of rigorous but intimate connections, without academic formality — true village forms that are no less rigorous but perhaps more so. I am hoping that we can find ways to connect that reflect the great longing and need for true relationships in community with each other, the spirits and the earth.