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Hello Community:

Daré has been gathering as a reliable if impromptu community since April 1999.  When 9/11 happened, I was in Africa, but the community met here.  We call this land A Village Sanctuary for All Beings. 

We are in dark times.  We knew they were coming and here they are.  But we never anticipated that we would not be able to gather when we need it most.  

Covid-19 keeps us apart from each other even though the deep medicine is interconnection.  In such strange ways, Covid-19 is both the affliction and the path of healing.  

We will, honoring the Daré tradition, meet online.  We will do this because we believe community is healing. And we will do this because we need to understand the nature of this affliction and use these times of sequestering to enact the profound changes required for all life to continue.  And, we can only learn this the heart way, together. 

Daré’s Earth and Spirit based ways, Council, listening to dreams, respecting and helping each other, committing ourselves to fierce protection of the natural world and all the myriad beings, honoring the old, old ways, may yet provide the wisdom we need to meet these times.

At the core of Daré, is an essential question:  What is the message / teaching that the illness or affliction is communicating?  And how, then, shall we live?

This applies to our global affliction even more than it applied to our individual illnesses. 

It seems we may have been given 18 months to transform our lives, culture, the world.  And so … we draw in, listen deeply and open our hearts.  

Daré will be occurring on Zoom.  Please join the Daré email list for updates. Make sure you check the “Topanga Daré List” when joining.


Daré is the gathering of the community on behalf of healing individuals, community and the earth. 

Daré on the land has usually been about 35 to 50 people. We don’t know how many can gather online. This is an improvisation to meet the times. We will find ways.


Healing is a process rather than an event. There will be an opportunity to offer healing to a few individuals in the ways we have developed in a process we call Indigenous Grand Rounds. it is another way of looking at illness and affliction. We try to understand what one is carrying physically, emotionally and/or spiritually and to articulate something of the story embedded in the illness in order to open to healing. These are ways of entering into a conscious and collaborative consideration of what is being asked of those who are seeking a healing path and for the community that offers itself as a container for the sacred work.

If you are wanting healing, please call a few days in advance. Please call Cheryl Potts at 310 702-7313 or email her.

In COUNCIL we listen deeply to each other as we address the important questions of these times and make a place for those stories that must be told. 

DREAMTELLING occurs at the end of the day as if bridging to our own dreamtime. Increasingly, dreams are coming to many of us in the old ways ,as teachers and guides. 

The Schedule:

12 – 3 – Introduction, meditation, calling spirit, healing, prayer. 

Some teaching, presentation, discussion about the nature of healing, and the work we do at Daré, may occur.

3 – 4 Breakout rooms.

4 – 6 Council. Daré means Council in the Shona language. Council is the heart of Daré. We address the deepest questions that concern us as individuals and as a community at this time in history. We have created a practice of addressing the Council question by using stories of our personal experiences. We may also tell dreams that are related. Dreams may, however, be told in the Dream Council which will follow.

6 – 7 Breakout rooms.

7 – 9 Dream Council: A time to consider the dreams’ wisdom and instruction to the community.

in the past, one could come and go to Daré as one needed. However, because more people may wish to attend than we have space, we request that you come at the beginning of whichever section or sections you wish to attend. That being said, it is best if you can come when it begins and stay through the end. Profound changes and transformations have occurred for many who come regularly and stay for the entire day. Whoever comes “in the gate” is considered a member of Daré. And Daré exists, because we gather together to hold it.

We thank you in advance for your presence, your participation in and contributions to the spiritual and physical well-being of the Daré. It cannot flourish without you.



For questions email Cheryl Potts.

Village Sanctuary / Daré Council Guidelines

In Council, we seek to access wisdom we do not carry individually.

We do not teach, lecture, reference teachers or gurus, insist on our ways or our traditions.  We do not assume we know ….  We accept that we don’t know.

Listening to each other is more important than speaking.  We are gathering because we don’t know the ways and so hope that the stories, responses will reveal what is needed.  We are gifted by being able to contemplate what has been offered to us. 

When we gather in such a Council, we are focused on the subject.  We are seeking to gather wisdom by what arises among us.  

Silence is also welcomed.  Not responding creates a space for us to listen to what is in the silence and also to hear what might arise and surprise us.

We speak from the heart and listen from the heart.   

We are mindful of what needs to be said and what needs to be heard.

When we speak we are speaking to all beings.  They are witnessing us.

Speaking in Council is commitment.  It is truth telling.  We speak from our deepest selves and stand by, live by, what we say.  We are also speaking to ourselves and learning from what we say: how we shall live?  

We depend on the diversity in the Council.  There is no cross talk, no criticism, no disagreement, no argument, no offering of opinions or judgments, no liking or disliking.

Council depends on respect for each other, curiosity and openness.  When possible, we speak in story, dream, vision, event, synchronicity and personal experience.

We pause between speakers to integrate what was just said and to make a place for the ancestors and other beings to speak through us. We do not prepare what we will say. We honor the wisdom of the present moment and also we consider our responses thoughtfully.

And, finally, we speak leanly.  

Blessings.  Mitakuye Oyasin

Daré will be occurring on Zoom.  Here is the Zoom Invitation

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Please download Zoom before the meeting as it takes a little time to be ready to join a meeting. You will only have to download it once. The free version is all you need to participate.