Tuesday Night Women’s Writing Circle

1st two Tuesdays after the New Moon
7:30 – 10:30 pm
Topanga, California [Los Angeles area.]


These circles speaks to the passion for language, deep respect for meaning and love for story and narrative, which are tools for creating a self, a body of work, and a life.  The original nature of the work and its intent is central.  These are forums in which writers explore their own voices and the meaning and depth as well as the ethical, philosophical implications of the stories they tell.  The sacred responsibility and opportunities of the writer are confirmed and sustained. These circles are for people who are serious about devoting themselves to writing and who expect to spend the next years in this pursuit.

Currently, Deena is exploring an earth based, spirit based Literature of Restoration that recognizes the possibilities of a viable future for all beings and writes toward this end.

Writing exercises are explored during each session with the goal of helping the individual writer formulate and pursue a plan for a larger work.  The individual exercises serve to propel the work forward, fulfill and enhance its dimensions, or sharpen and develop the skills and vision that the writer has.  The focus is upon meaning and upon craft through meaning.

Any of the genres, with the exception of screen and television writing, can be explored here.  The essential interest is in literature and not in commercial writing per se.

Most of the work we do is in prose, but it is possible for members to bring poetry to the circle from time to time just as occasionally members bring work to read or distribute that is being written outside of the circle.

These are on-going circles.  They are not for beginners.  Most people who join one of these years stay for four to seven years or longer.  The Tuesday night circle has been in existence – with some of the same members – for thirty years.  People are added to the group as spaces open..

Deena teaches several weekend workshops per year and offers a weeklong Writing Intensive  every year in May or June.

For information on fees or to apply please contact Deena Metzger at 310 455 1089 or email deenametzger@verizon.net