Called Together: Vision Council For Women

with Deena Metzger and Nora Jamieson

Via Zoom – October 23 – 24, 2021

We have met together for many years developing skills of deep listening to the spirits, to story and the natural world and of creating language to describe and create a livable world.  We met together because we feared that beauty and wisdom were under attack and we were called to protect and sustain them.

And now our worst fears are coming true – we are living in the future that we hoped, believed would never come to be. The time of deep grief and loss has come. Each day, we read about the horrific suffering of human beings, migrants and refugees, the hunted and imprisoned, the homeless and the hungry.  Also the intolerable pain and devastation of the natural world, the beached, dying, plastic-ridden, infertile Whales, the Polar Bear mothers unable to feed their young as the ice disappears, the Wolves increasingly hunted like the tortured poached Elephants and Rhinoceroses, the poisoned Bees, the battered soil, the toxic air, the radiated oceans.  Each week, I receive confirmation of the presence and extent of Extinction Illness and its recognition by individuals and also medical and health professionals.  But there is a huge gap between diagnosis and treatment, let alone diagnosis and prevention.

Now we are called together to acknowledge our grief as the foundation of wisdom and action.  The question we have asked persistently, is more urgent than ever:  How then shall we live?

Without bearing witness together, without acknowledging the criminal nature of the dominating culture, without support for divesting and stepping away, without a common language, without shared stories, without deep vision of and allegiance to the real nature of the world there is no culture and so no community and so no power or possibility or future, or, ultimately, life.


The goal of Coming Together is to create and sustain dynamic, interactive circles of like-minded souls to meet these horrific times in the unique ways we have developed among ourselves over the years. Using Council, we will speak truth and find ways, despite all, to live in alliance with each other and the beings of the natural world. In this way we will take the necessary steps for which we have been preparing — to begin to create ways of life that inform, comfort, hold and sustain us on the paths that we are each called to walk.

This is an invitation to a Vision Council where we share and explore language, literature, work, activity and culture that we are, wittingly or unwittingly creating so we can, collaboratively, walk our own pathless paths. The stories we carry and what we speak about shape us as people and therefore how we live with the earth and each other..

Especially because we couldn’t gather for the last two years, my hope is to gather some of you with whom I have worked deeply over the years so that collaboration and support continue into the future. My hope is also that we, each in turn gather others into individual but interlocking circles.

Peace and Blessings,

Deena Metzger


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Saturday & Sunday, October 23rd – 24th

(Number of participants limited)

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Please send a deposit of $100 now to reserve your place. If you have already let me know you will definitely be here, I have your name, otherwise please e-mail me  your intention to attend and I’ll put you on the list: Nora Jamieson, 8 Stonemeadow Lane, Canton, CT 06019
To register or for further information contact: or call 860-693-9540.


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