Called Together: Vision Councils

We Are Being Called Together: Vision Councils
with Deena Metzger

April 17 – 19, 2020

We need to be together. We need to speak in sentences that do not hide the old knowing and are not prohibited.

We need to call each other out of distraction with the words that our ancestors and our descendents depend upon for survival. We need to create a vital language out of memory and vision.

We are called to share the stories we carry so that we can live within them. We need to speak the stories can shape us as people and teach us how we live with the earth and each other.

We are called to story, language and enact the new, true, ancient, desperate beauty ways that we are called to live. We need to be with each other in story and language that describes and so creates the world for which we are longing. To live as outlaws outside of the conventions which confine and manipulate us, to find the words and wisdom from which we are separated, as were African slaves, in order to break our minds.

Without a common language, without shared stories, without deep vision of the real nature of the world there is no culture and so no community and so no power or possibility.

Therefore, we are called to restore and piece together the broken, burned shards of once vital histories, to dare to know what we know, to see and understand with our hands and feet what is irrefutable, to listen to the ancestors and the future, to the dreams and the signs, old syllables and unborn orations, birdsong, whale song and howl, the glorious and tormented recitations of wind, water, light and earth, to bring together a luminous grammar of connection so that through such shared conversations and our own emergent literature and culture, we make ourselves places to live that can survive these times


The goal of Coming Together to create dynamic, interactive circles of like minded souls to meet these times in the unique ways we have developed among ourselves over the years. Using Council, we will seek a vital language that integrates us into community and the natural world. In this way we will take the necessary steps for which we have been preparing — to begin to create a Culture that informs, comforts, holds and sustains us on the paths that we each called to walk.

This is an invitation to one or another Vision Council where we share and explore the new language, literature, work, activity and culture that we are, wittingly or unwittingly creating so we can, collaboratively, walk and pass forward our own pathless paths. The stories we carry and what we speak about shape us as people and therefore how we live with the earth and each others. I am asking what we are to do together and who are the interacting we(s) as we are entering times that insist we integrate and harvest after having been alongside each other actually or virtually over the years.

My hope is to gather some of you with whom I have worked deeply over the years so that collaboration begins, so that we see and support each other, so that this work that we have done will continue, each in its own way, into the future. My hope is also that we, each in turn gather others into individual but interlocking circles.

Peace and Blessings,

Deena Metzger (Ruin and Beauty Blog)