ReVisioning Medicine Council, Likely to be via Zoom


Join Us For our 19th Annual ReVisioning Medicine Council For Physicians, Health and Mental Health Professionals and Healers.

This is an invitation to ReVisioning Medicine Council to be held online via Zoom, February 19 – 22, 2022, 9:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. PST.

Optional clinic day: February 23, 2022.

ReVisioning Medicine is more essential than ever to meet the increasing urgency of these times exacerbated by the pandemic, by national and international violence, chaos, and by the extreme environmental conditions we are facing.

For eighteen years, aware that medical ways influence culture, we, through ReVisioning Medicine, have been finding ways to restore and reimagine the practice of medicine. We do this by deep inquiry and facing the difficult questions together. 

Our work in ReVisioning Medicine has led us to understand that planetary concerns are also acute medical concerns and are ours to meet. 

This is a spiritual call. As the pandemic, climate dissolution and the ever increasing social and political disruptions have made everything far worse than they were, we are renewing our efforts and ask you to join with us.

As I write this on 11-21-2020, much of the US and Europe and other parts of the world are again in various stages of lockdown, curfew, mandatory masking and social distancing, situations also leading to rampant disinformation, violent protest and social unrest.

Meanwhile reeling from the pandemic, we have not been able to meet the effects of extreme climate change, wildfires, hurricanes, typhoons, windstorms, polar ice melts, or the disappearance of glaciers and water for drinking and agriculture. We have not been able to meet the horrific poisoning of our drinking water through various spills and pipe line failures or diseases resulting from radiation whether it be the nuclear power plant failures or inability to clean up the areas of uranium mining and testing, particularly rampant on Native American reservations. 

Additionally, we have had little time or focus to investigate the growing concerns that the electrification of our environment and the impending 5G might release an entire new plague of cancers and auto-immune illness and who knows what else? Finally, we have been unable to examine the relationship between the animal and human transmission of SARS and other viruses as consequences of climate disruption and of the intense stresses on wildlife which threaten extinction. 

We have not even been able to consider and remedy how practitioners and patients are affected by the changes in medical care dictated by interests, outside the direct and personal patient physician, nurse, therapist relationship. In addition, we are also physically affected and dying in great numbers from Covid. 

Inevitably, the current extreme pressures prevent us from engaging the scrutiny needed to protect our vision of healing, our awareness of the serious danger of medical waste and injection of pharmaceutical toxins into the waters and soil, and our growing understanding that we are called to imagine new and true healing interventions to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses that are arising in this time from these circumstances.

An updated Hippocratic oath written and sworn by first year medical students at U of Pittsburgh Medical school reveals disturbance with medicine as well as an incipient new consciousness designed to decolonize medical practice. Please read the oath here. Such concerns from within the field require us to undo many of our accommodations to the crises in order to meet the earlier grave concerns which brought us together over the last seventeen years. 

ReVisioning 2022 invites us to articulate and share our deepest concerns for medicine and its restoration. 

This is a medical meeting like no other. We will, as always, create a safe place among ourselves to speak and create a supportive environment that can extend beyond the Council. We speak from the heart addressing all the issues that are breaking our hearts and then envisioning the necessary changes we wish, we intend, we must bring into the world. We work through inquiry and with ceremony. We speak in council mode and listen to dreams and so create a circle of on-going support and deep connection that sustains all of us.

Medicine is a sacred profession. We will meet with each other in deep respect and open heartedness, seeking knowledge and deep wisdom for our own sakes, for the community, for all beings.

It is our ethical and moral responsibility to assess the dangers to all life, to all populations, human and non-human, as they are interdependent. Let us gather and support each other in finding medicine and ways to meet the times as professionals and individuals upon whom the community rely.

This invitation is to you and your colleagues to participate in ReVisioning Medicine. We will be an intimate and trustworthy circle in Topanga. We engage in inquiry and hope to be guided by the deep intelligence of the circle, of the council form and of vision. Afterwards, we engage in monthly Zoom councils in order to sustain our intentions and commitments.

  • To create and restore medical ways which do no harm to individuals and the earth.
  • To assist and support medical people in becoming medicine people.
  • To meet the effects of climate dissolution, extinction, and the chaos and violence of the current social, political and economic disorder on our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.
  • To develop spirit and earth based medical and psychological practices.
  • To explore, develop and teach the fullest use of Story as central to the process of diagnosis and treatment.
  • To examine the increasing limitations and distortions imposed on medical practice by different aspects of corporate and institutional medicine, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and government.
  • To confront issues of iatrogenesis, medication adverse effects, hospital errors, as well as the too common dangerous side-effects of prescribed medicines, and/or complications from medical or hospital treatments.
Click here for a complete list of the 19 Inquiries that guide ReVisioning Medicine.


Deena Metzger, PhD leads these Councils with a core group drawn from a team of physicians, psychologists and healers including Kjersten Gmeiner, MD, Richenel Ansano, MA, Naz Motayar, PhD, Marc Weigensberg, MD, Tobi Fishel, PhD, Sharon Simone, EdM, Cheryl Potts, Native Elder and teacher. 

We are honored to be involved in this work, and hope you will join us and become part of our ReVisioning community.

Peace and Blessings,


Deena Metzger, PhD


To express interest or for information or to register please contact Kjersten Gmeiner, MD

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Note: Kjersten recommends that everyone read the Soul of Medicine, which in its way started this entire path.

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