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RATTLE #22: Tribute to Poets Abroad
Winter 2004. Interview: Deena Metzger

Los Angeles Review Number 2 2005 dedicated to Deena Metzger
With section Riff from Doors: A Fiction for Jazz Horn
Peter Levitt interviewing Deena Metzger




Into the Heart of Writing: ‘Writing For Your Life’ by Deena Metzger, by Joel Friedlander for The Book Designer

Deena Metzger is part of the great magic in the world, by Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant.

What’s the Story?
Reading Deena Metzger’s The Woman Who Slept with Men to Take the War out of Them by L. Timmel Duchamp

RUIN AND BEAUTY by Deena Metzger
Review by Lori A. May

For more than forty years, Deena Metzger has been demonstrating her dedication not only to penning wonderful poems, but also to living a life as a Literary Citizen. When reading the media release provided by the publisher, Red Hen Press, I immediately thought of Whitman and Emerson and the primal call for our poets to take action…. Metzger is a master of her language, a guiding force for her pen, and through her substantial collection, she is also a poet’s poet, one who knows how to solicit emotion and call for action.”
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A Brief History of a Feminist Mind is the text of a talk Deena gave for the WCLA Women Writers Series in alliance with the Feminist Majority Foundation / Ms.Magazine, February 27, 2014.