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  • Alison Rose Levy from Connect the Dots on Progressive Radio Network interviews Deena Metzger, writer, poet, and environmentalist discussing Standing Rock, indigenous and Western mind, and her new book, A Rain of Night Birds. Click here to listen.
  • Deena Metzger is a guest at Topanga Author’s Group. She reads selections from her most recent novels and books of poetry and also shares her thinking on a Literature of Restoration. Click here to listen.
  • Cancer As a Turning Point: From Surviving to Thriving – Jeanne Achterberg, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Joan Borysenko, Caryle Hirshberg, Michael Lerner, Dawna Markova, Deena Metzger, Rachel Naomi, Remen Marion Woodman
    Audio CD Sounds True: Click here to purchase.
  • Dr. Carol Francis on Blog Talk Radio interviews Deena as the first contributing author in the book: Evolving Women’s Consciousness: Dialogues with 21st Century Women
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  • Ken Ross on KOWS Radio interviews Deena on the Language of Relationship
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  • Susan Weed of the Wise Women Radio interviews Deena on Healing, Council and Community
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  • Kathleen Adams of Exceptional Wisdom Radio interviews Deena on Journaling for a Better Life
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  • Restoring Natural Wisdom – Deena Metzger speaks with Joanna Harcourt Smith about the characters of her latest book “La Negra y Blanca”, grounded visions, the coming shift, making alliances and restoring a right relationship with the Earth and all beings, “the conquest never ended”, the helping guide of the ancestors, the process of peace-making, “the way of story”… Click here to listen to the show.
  • Rob Kall of the Bottoms Up radio show interviews Deena on Seeing through Indigenous Eyes, Weaving Community Dreams, Stories and Spirit
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  • Deena Metzger and Laura Simms – Wednesday, June 13th 2012 – Story is our Medicine – All indigenous peoples have known that Story is a medicine, is at the very foundation of healing. Even contemporary experience affirms that medical interventions are enhanced when the afflicted ones recognize the story they are living, the meaning that can be derived from their suffering, and see the particular path that is theirs to walk to healing. Laura Simms and Deena Metzger, long colleagues and explorers of these very very old and so very new ways of bringing ease, healing and vision to individuals, communities and the suffering earth. In addition to being writers, story tellers and healers, Simms and Metzger share independent involvement with peace building in Africa and deep engagement with animals.
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  • Belili Productions – Deena’s interview. Click here to listen to the show.
  • Book of HagsClick here to listen
  • Her Raven Tresses -Deena wrote, directed and produced this program in the early 70s. It is an examination of the symbolism, mystique, sensuality, myth, and metaphor of hair in our society. A guest on the program is Deena’s dearest friend, the anthropologist Barbara Myerhoff who died in 1985. One example of their life long collaborations. This program is from the Pacifica Radio Archives and is preserved thanks to a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) at the National Archives.
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