A Training for Living in the 5th World

Three Years
The Saturday before Daré

9 am to 9 pm

We start, weather permitting, sitting outside, around a fire. We sit in a circle.

Based on the 19 Ways to the 5th World. Exploration and action. Translating ideas into life practices. Land and spirit based instruction and guidance coupled with the study of various texts and books at the edge of the emerging consciousness. This Training asks for commitment to the work. “Going up on the hill” and “Putting people on the hill” is part of the training.

Though one seeks to become adept in one or several of the 19 Ways, the goal of the training is the integration of the various ways, so that each breath radiates the possibilities of new life, of cultural and social change that promises a future for all beings. The training seeks to meet the various challenges and difficulties in our lives with new reflexes and responses that presume the presence of spirit, honor the wild, respect the lineages of different wisdom traditions and indigenous mind. At the core, we seek to live according to the myriad ways of the intelligence of the heart.


This training requires more than attendance at the sessions. Participants are expected to integrate Council as a form into their lives and to engage in different activities, gatherings, projects so as to make the 19 Ways real, and to track and present the results of their explorations and devotion.

Training Methods: Sessions based upon Teaching and Teachings, Discussions, Learning the Land and Spiritual Practice. One goal is Developing a healing presence. Explorations, Council, Practicum and Alliances.

One goal is to prepare each person to sufficiently master and integrate the 19 Ways – and what else is communicated to each of us individually and as circle – so as to be able to carry these ways in the world. One aspect of the Training can be attending Daré or companioning or mentoring others in these ways of living for the future of all beings. At the least, to teach by example of how one is renewing and living one’s life.

Members of the Training Group will be called upon, when available, to be part of Daré Immersion, when individuals or members of a community come to Topanga for Daré or Training Group, healing and visioning.

New applicants: application and interview, in person or via Skype.

(fee) For information on fees or to apply please contact Deena Metzger at 310-455-1089 or e-mail deenametzger@verizon.net.